[Speaking of Vi/Vim][], there has been a re-newed conversation about Vi on _The Humanist_ discussion list, including some useful links:

* Jonathan Reeve has a nice [workshop proposal][] to teach Vim to humanists.
* He also linked to a post on _The Programming Historian_ on [“Sustainable Authorship in Plain Text using Pandoc and Markdown”][ph].

[Speaking of Vi/Vim]:
[workshop proposal]:

Virtual VIM

I love my Mac, but there are times, when everyone is going on and on about the how tablets and smartphones are the future of computing, when I worry that I may one day have to give up my beautiful Mac interface and run a CLI box. For those days, and for those days when I need to do some work within the terminal, I appreciate [refreshing my VI skills](

Vim Resources

More of the plain text CMS stuff, I’m afraid. Steve Francia has a [Vim crash course][vcc], and he also has something he calls his [Ultimate Vim config][uvc] (on GitHub). Swaroop C H has published a terrific introduction to Vim, entitled [A Byte of Vim][bov]. (He has also published an introduction to Python entitled _A Byte of Python_, but as the lack of a link indicates I have not read it.)