Disable “File Open” Animation for Textmate

From the change-list for the 2013-11-03 build of [Textmate][], which I only noticed on installing the 2014-01-13 build:

> The zoom animation shown when opening items can now be disabled by running this in a terminal:

defaults write com.macromates.TextMate.preview fileBrowserOpenAnimationDisabled -bool YES

[Textmate]: http://macromates.com/

Editing the Solarized Theme for Textmate

I have long made Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized by default color scheme for my text editing applications, be it Textmate, BBEdit, or the terminal. But, I confess, Ethan’s defaults for basic contrast are a little too close together, and so I also routinely darken the foreground, the text itself, to one of the other base colors. In some cases, I need to know what the hexadecimal descriptors are:

$base03: #002b36;
$base02: #073642;
$base01: #586e75;
$base00: #657b83;
$base0: #839496;
$base1: #93a1a1;
$base2: #eee8d5;
$base3: #fdf6e3;
$yellow: #b58900;
$orange: #cb4b16;
$red: #dc322f;
$magenta: #d33682;
$violet: #6c71c4;
$blue: #268bd2;
$cyan: #2aa198;
$green: #859900;

And here are the accompanying color charts:


Adding the XHTML Closing Slash Automatically in Textmate

This is just one of those tips that is so amazing that I have to note it down. As many readers know, one of the rules that XML has that is not part of HTML is that all tags must be closed. Thus, the IMG and BR tags in HTML are something of a problem for the child of the marriage of XML and HTML: XHTML. The solution was to add a self-closing slash just before the closing angle bracket. For example: `
`. It turns out that my text editor of choice, [Textmate](http://macromates.com/), has the ability to do this for you:

> In TM’s Advanced preferences, in the Shell Variables segment, add a new variable named TM_XHTML with the value of / (single slash) and you will get this trailing slash everywhere you use a singleton tag, without editing any of the snippets.