New Design

Over the past week I struggled with the decision to maintain my own infrastructure for my website. For now, I have decided to keep the backend the way it is, but I really wanted a much more compact and simple frontend for the site. I was inspired, in part, by some of [Tumblr’s]( offerings and by [Andre Torres’s site]( It’s not as stripped down as Torres’, but it’s close enough for now. I was especially inspired by his compacting post title and other meta-post information into a single line. It was a great opportunity not only to learn more about CSS, as the whole re-design was, but to learn a bit more about WordPress’s infamous *loop*. Please let me know what works and what does not. And I am open to suggestions that make the site easier to read or use. (I recognize that my desire for simplicity might make the site harder to use for some.)

Website Infrastructure

For those who have asked, this site runs on a total of 7 PHP pages. `Index`, `search`, and `single` serve the blog portion. `Page`, `archives`, and `notes` are special purpose pages. (Yes, that’s six pages and I said seven at the outset. One page is purely for my own in-house use, and I don’t want to give it away.)


To reduce server load and to increase load times into browsers, I have opted not to use separate `footer` and `header` php files. The design of the site doesn’t change enough to warrant keeping them as separate files.

My goal in this site is always to keep the infrastructure, and the data structures, as simple as possible.