More Thoughts on Notes Infrastructure

I continued to think about the kind of notes infrastructure I wanted after I dropped my daughter at her bus stop. To my mind, DevonThink continues not to have a reasonable syncing solution just yet between its Mac and iOS apps. What I want is an app that syncs for me without me remembering to, and syncs quickly so I can jot an idea down on one device and it is available fairly quickly to all devices.

I also realized that there is a tension here that I had not previously identified: I do like my text to look like something more than text. The same thing that befuddles me about ebooks, every page looking like any other page because there is no pagination, is also what keeps me from embracing an all-text setup like Ulysses. Pagination, design, matter to me.

Evernote wins on both the above, but it loses on structure within a document and it loses on being able to own the infrastructure.

What I really want is a sync-able OmniOutliner, I think.

The Three Things I Carry

I guess when you’re stuck somewhere in your own process, you can’t help but wonder how others do what they do. I regularly get asked by graduate students and undergrads what I carry. I think they think that I must always have a computer with me. Or a lot of other technology or impressive gear.

Sorry, no.

Apart from wallet and keys, here’s what I carry:

Pen, Paper, Phone

And that’s pretty much it. If I have a backpack with me, it will have an assortment of other things in it — pens, bandaids, photos of my wife and daughter, a kerchief of some kind, a large notepad, a file folder or two, usually at least one book — but at its core, in my mind, will be these three things.