Creole Markup

There’s a markup language called Creole. I came across it while installing the Gems for Gollum and Markdown. It’s home page notes that it’s for translating documents between various wiki markups, but it looks pretty useful all by itself. I particularly like that it uses has symbols, `#`, for numbered lists and the more commonly used equal signs, `=`, for headings. If I could change one thing about the Markdown conventions that would be it.

Well, I would change a number of things about the Markdown convention, but that’s for another note. I should note that I am free to do so thanks to [John Gruber’s generosity][md] and that there are a lot of people who have done amazing things with Markdown, like [Fletcher Penney][mmd] and [Michel Fortin][php] — and I depend upon both their implementations on a daily basis — but such a fundamental shift as `# -> =` would seriously affect a rather significant amount of work I already have “formatted” in Markdown.




I run this site on Markdown, and I often use MultiMarkdown internally, but I really need to remember that reStructuredText is out there. Not only is it a Python project, a language that I am trying to learn, but it offers a lot of functionality. (Some would argue too much because its markup can strike some as being beyond the simple, plain text offered by something like Markdown.) Nevertheless, if I ever feel the need to increase the amount of metadata, and even some of the functionality, of my own documents, then it might be time to take the plunge.