More Good University Videos

A number of people have written in about the video I posted from BYU that was a parody of the Old Spice ad. (Check below for the post.) Here’s another one, this time from the University of Evansville. Given that the south is known for both its oral storytelling traditions as well as its humor, where are the videos from southern universities that are like this?

Seth Godin on Why Marketing Is Too Important to Leave to Marketers

I don’t know that I would throw marketers out, but perhaps it would be interesting to re-think the nature of marketing. Godin has long been known for preaching the other side of Anderson’s long-tail — think Kelly’s 1000 true fans — and urging businesses to create something remarkable that gives people a reason to talk about it, to build relationships to it, and, through it, to others. This talk is mostly about the latter dimension. At the end, he gives a preview of his next schtick/argument: the importance of developing tribes.

My real question is how can universities take this kind of approach and fold it into what we are already doing, what we do best, and also begin to build a future? I’ll have more to say in a few days.