Lego Calendar

[This][] is very cool. First, just using Legos to create an office / workgroup calendar is genius, but these folks have gone so far as to make the thing sync-able to Google’s calendar by simply capturing its image on their smart phones and emailing it to a script that parses it. *Genius!* It’s a calendaring system, an interactive visualization, and it’s Legos.



[Operation: Military Kids has some great teaching materials](, especially for [Lego Mindstorms activities](

Raspbery Pi Supercomputer

[A professor worked with his son to build a supercomputer out of a collection of Raspberry Pi boards and Legos]( The kid is six years olds and already programming in [Scratch](). It’s time for me to start with my daughter.


Of course there’s a website where you can buy and sell new and used Legos. Why wouldn’t there be? [BrickLink](

[Card reader]( made with Legos, Arduino, a hacked Canon camera, and Python. It images the old 80-column cards, turns the images into ASCII, and then you can take it from there. Link to Youtube video of the whole thing in action.