Science for My Kid

The stuff that is available for everyone, kids and adults, when it comes to learning about science is just amazing. As someone who learns best when I am learning on my own, I’m really happy to while away my hours re-learning (or learning anew) topics that I wish I had long ago mastered. (How to structure this into a proper education remains a mystery and I fully recognize that the weakness of the autodidact is in not understanding all the connections and relations.)

I have two tabs open right now on my tablet: the [Phylogeny Wing][] of the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the [Kerbal Space Program][].

[Phylogeny Wing]:
[Kerbal Space Program]:

Learn Electronics

A recent [post on Slashdot][post] asked the community what they would recommend for someone with only the most basic understanding of electronics who wanted to teach themselves the basics. There were two recommendations that looked interesting: [Getting Started with Electronics][mimms] and [The Art of Electronics][aoe]. Both are books available for purchase. But surely there are on-line, and free, resources as well? E-mail suggestions are welcome. (I’ve got big plans for Lily and a soldering gun at some point in her childhood.)