An Emergency Pack

According to [Metropolitan Organizing][mo], an emergency pack should include the following:

* Drivers License, Cash, and Credit cards
* Insurance documents
* Mobile phone and charger
* Will
* Passport
* Stock Certificates
* Investment Information
* Bank account numbers
* Pictures of the contents of your home and office
* Prescriptions
* Personal phone book
* Light sticks
* Crank flashlight/radio
* Giant Ziploc baggies
* Keys to your home(s), safe deposit box, office, and car(s)

The list is heavy on paperwork — and stock certificates, investment information, and bank account numbers seem redundant (couldn’t it all be considered “important financial documents?), but it seems like a good place to start building your own personalized version of a “bug out bag” as they are known among the survivalist types.

[Waterproof Cases has a great video]( that adds not only food and water but also:

* a first aid kit
* a multi-tool
* at least two weeks of vital medication
* sanitation supplies (including feminine hygiene products)
* maps
* contact information for family and friends (a bit better than the more generic “personal phone book” above)

[Unclutterer has a great family first aid kit list](, with a lot of additional items found in the comments, including the amazing properties of coconut oil.

See also: [National Severe Weather Preparedness Week](

*What’s in your bag?*


Storm Update

As of 6:30 this morning, not much wind nor rain overnight. The storm seems to have paused near Houma. Over the past hour the wind has picked up, but no real rain.

Isaac at 9PM

Not sure what the radar shows at this time, but for the first time in a few hours the wind is gusting enough to make some noise. Mostly it’s quiet. Enough pressure to move the front doors in and out, making them creak.

June in Louisiana

It’s June in Louisiana. Is it wrong to be thinking about this:

![A portable generator](

It’s $399 at [Electric Generators Direct](