Webkit Demos

Apple has a page of demonstrations that emphasize the full possibilities of HTML5. As others have noted, it’s not strictly HTML5, as a number of these features are a function of WebKit. To make matters a bit more complicated, Apple’s version of WebKit is a bit more robust, in terms of cutting edge functionality, than Google’s — and I assume other browsers built on WebKit. That said, kudos to Apple for building there browser on top of an open source project and for making all their developments open source as well. That some of these cool new possibilities only work in Safari should goad other browser providers, especially — and obviously — those also using WebKit, to step up. This is the way to make the functionality of the web move forward.

Flash CS5 Exports to HTML5 Canvas?!

According to this [post on 9-to-5 Mac](http://www.9to5mac.com/Flash-html5-canvas-35409730), it looks like there is limited support for exporting webapps/RIAs/whatever created in Flash to HTML5’s Canvas element. This is precisely the Adobe I know and love: offering its users, content creators, the chance to develop in their preferred medium. I know Adobe bought Macromedia for Flash, and Flash did, and does, make it incredibly easy to develop a variety of interesting tools and user experiences, but Adobe shouldn’t risk its future by trying to determine *what* people will create. Adobe is at its best when it’s offering “best of class” tools and IDEs that work for *how* people want to create.[^1]

There’s a Youtube video from an Adobe demonstration at a conference somewhere, but it’s not so great that I’m embedding it here. Definitely go to the 9to5Mac page if you’re interested.

[^1]: And, no, I don’t really don’t know where I stand on the whole Apple doesn’t want developers exporting out of Flash CS5 for iPhone/iPad apps. (And can we come up with a term that covers Universal apps for the iPhone OS platform — that is, those apps that will run on the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad? “Universal apps for the iPhone OS platform” is kinda clumsy.)