“A little mischief has always had its virtues.”

[New Scientist has a great write-up][1] on what amounts to an early hacking of electric information technologies: Nevil Maskelyne putting one over on Marconi and Fleming in their demonstration of the supposed security of wireless communication before the Royal Academy. Their first clue that things would not go as planned: the repeated signaling of the word “rats,” which apparently was a very rude thing to say in 1903.

[1]: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228440.700-dotdashdiss-the-gentleman-hackers-1903-lulz.html

If You Let Them Hack It, They Will Come

Somewhere deep inside Microsoft, someone gets it: if you let them hack it, they will come. I love this video not only for the openness that a large corporation displays in primely showing people using their gear in ways they did not imagine to what people can imagine to the lovely soundtrack that accompanies it: