In an effort to become a part of the overall push to make people more aware of COVID in my corner of the world, I embarked upon the creation of a “dashboard” based on a Python script first put together by Bee Guan Teo in Has Europe Past the First Peak of COVID-19 Outbreak? on Towards Data Science.

The initial version of this dashboard showed two graphs, one that traced current confirmed cases and one that showed the cumulative deaths for 9 parishes in south Louisiana that are often considered to be a part of the Acadiana region. It went live on May 26.

By mid-June I felt the dashboard could use some revision: the page’s presentation could be improved and the deaths could be, I felt, better captured in a table rather than a graph, which would also make the page load more quickly. In addition, I narrowed the parishes from 9 to 7 in order to align the dashboard with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital’s Administrative Regions. This means dropping Avoyelles and Saint Mary Parishes. Given the lack of attention to many rural areas, I am not entirely comfortable with this decision, and I am considering alternatives, which might be either to develop separate pages for those regions or at least to convey some of that data though tables on the main dashboard.

This is an evolving project, and I am happy to take feedback from anyone who has found it useful or interesting, and I certainly encourage others to mimic these efforts: the code is available and free to use and anyone with the slightest amount of coding experience should be able to replicate the work I’ve done and simply replace the parishes listed in the Python script with the parishes or counties of interest to them.