More Notes on Jupyter Notebook

I used [MacPorts][], [as always][], to install the new code for Jupyter:

port install py34-jupyter

*Note: you may need to prepend `sudo` to install software on your setup.*

But the new command `jupyter notebook` only returned `-bash: jupyter: command not found` for me. I tried various alternatives, but got nowhere until I returned to `ipython notebook`. *Presto.* And even better, now I have this:

Python or R?

Python or R?

Note: make sure you install Jupyter as per the instructions above before attempting to install the packages below, which require `zmq` and will, in my experience, fail to install as a result. (I also tend to run R as `sudo` to do this, which may be a holdover from some previous troubleshooting.)

With Jupyter notebook installed, enter the following in the R shell:

repos = c(‘’,


See [iRkernel][] for more information.

Once you’re done: `ipython notebook` and you’re done.

[as always]: