Aside: Installing, and Setting, PIP with MacPorts

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There’s a Python library, textblob, that I want to explore, but there is no current port of it for MacPorts. I like to keep as much stuff like this “in the family” as possible, and so I am going to see if a PIP selected by MacPorts will make this easy:

% port search pip

py27-pip @6.1.1 (python, www)
A tool for installing and managing Python packages.

% sudo port install py27-pip

A lot of stuff scrolls by, then:

% port select --list pip
Available versions for pip:
none (active)

% port select --set pip pip27
Selecting 'pip27' for 'pip' failed: could not create new link 
"/opt/local/bin/pip" pointing to "/opt/local/Library/
Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin/pip": permission

So, sudo that:

% sudo port select --set pip pip27
Selecting 'pip27' for 'pip' succeeded. 'pip27' is now active.

Check my work:

 % which pip

2 thoughts on “Aside: Installing, and Setting, PIP with MacPorts

  1. I struggled a little with this – until I realised there are two l’s in install 😉
    % sudo port instal py27-pip should be
    % sudo port install py27-pip
    then all was smooth as silk.

    Thanks for the page, most helpful

    • Sorry! (And thanks for catching that. I’ve fixed it in hopes that anyone else coming across this page won’t get caught by such a typo!) I’m glad it worked. Are you using textblog with Python 2.7? I decided to “jump” to 3.4 last year, and I’ve found almost everything works fine.

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