Install R with MacPorts

If you are looking to install R using MacPorts, `port search R` will return 17844 possibilities, only one of which is R itself and three of which are related to R. If you use `port help search` you will see that there is a better way to search:

port search –exact R
R @3.1.0_1 (math, science)
R is GNU S – an interpreted language for statistical computing

The you need to do nothing more than:

sudo port install R

MacPorts will determine the dependencies:

—> Computing dependencies for R
—> Dependencies to be installed: gcc48 icu jpeg pango Xft2
gobject-introspection libtool harfbuzz graphite2 pkgconfig
readline tiff xorg-libXt xorg-libsm xorg-libice

After that, if you are using Matthew Jockers’ excellent _Text Analysis With R
for Students of Literature_, you should install [RStudio][]. (I don’t find it as useful as iPython’s notebook, but it is a handy all-in-one GUI.)