iPython Notebook Keyboard Shortcuts

The documentation for the iPython Notebook is top-notch. I am only copying the keyboard shortcuts here so that I have quick access to them as I learn them. I like the notebook interface so much, despite it being browser-based, that I am actually using it as a notebook and I’m doing some drafting of my MLA paper in it. (I’ll report more on this experience later.)

Shortcut Action
Shift-Enter run cell
Ctrl-Enter run cell in-place
Alt-Enter run cell, insert below
Ctrl-m x cut cell
Ctrl-m c copy cell
Ctrl-m v paste cell
Ctrl-m d delete cell
Ctrl-m z undo last cell deletion
Ctrl-m – split cell
Ctrl-m a insert cell above
Ctrl-m b insert cell below
Ctrl-m o toggle output
Ctrl-m O toggle output scroll
Ctrl-m l toggle line numbers
Ctrl-m s save notebook
Ctrl-m j move cell down
Ctrl-m k move cell up
Ctrl-m y code cell
Ctrl-m m markdown cell
Ctrl-m t raw cell
Ctrl-m 1-6 heading 1-6 cell
Ctrl-m p select previous
Ctrl-m n select next
Ctrl-m i interrupt kernel
Ctrl-m . restart kernel
Ctrl-m h show keyboard shortcuts

[sheepish] The keyboard shortcuts are available under the Help menu. [/sheepish]