Me Want

What geek doesn’t dream of setting up his own elaborate IT cloud, complete with server at home? *Dreams of streaming audio and video. Dreams of gigabytes of data backed up. Dreams of* … oh, yeah, it’s probably not only cheaper but also better if you let Amazon’s AWS and Google’s Apps take care of this in some fashion. That and the hoped for, and much discussed, stream iTunes anywhere tech/service that Apple is said to be working on.

Microclient TC 2

A Desktop Rig That Worked

For the record, I wrote 9000 words in less than a week while at the EVIADA Summer Institute, and I did it all on my MacBook, augmented. Augmented how? With one of these:

![Apple keyboard](

And one of these:

![Apple cinema display](

But, for the record, I’d settle for any decent 22″ or 24″ HD display.