The Orbits of Venus and Earth

I believe the ration is 8 to 13 for the number of revolutions around the sun for Venus and Earth to be aligned. (Or maybe it was 5 to 8.) Anyway, it produces the following graph:

Venus and Earth in Motion

Venus and Earth in Motion

Black Holes Don’t Exist

So, it turns out, that black holes may not exist, and in getting rid of them the math comes out better. And, perhaps just as importantly, you can read all of the work for yourself on first paper, second paper. (Hello, Humanities? No one’s the nineteenth century called, and it wants its communication infrastructure back. Or, rather, it’d rather you didn’t use it exclusively, but, you know, try using something from the twentieth century.)

Voyager Journeys

The two Voyagers were launched at a particular moment in our solar system’s clock, in order to take advantage of the line-up of the planets so as to slingshot themselves out of the solar system, something which will not occur again for 200 years. 1977! I was 12, and I thought this was but the beginning…

The Paths of the Two Voyagers