Inside Tron Legacy’s Coding

Josh Nitmoy’s account of his design work for _Tron: Legacy_ not only details his own coding efforts, using a variety of software (including Processing), but also his efforts to represent coding correctly (at least that is his position). That is, having grown tired of seeing ridiculous UIs or one too may characters using nmap, he decided to have the characters in the movie actually use things like grep and kill.

Computers and Robots of Old

In the process of wondering in a recent issue of [Asimov’s][1] about what kinds of litigation robots will spawn in the near future, Robert Silverberg provides a terrific, [brief history of fictional robots][2], from Gelula’s “Automaton” of 1931 to AT&T’s Zippy. I began looking around for more histories of robots, and of computers, too, and came across two great lists:

* Joshua Glenn’s [The Coolest Robots of Pre-Golden Age SF](, and
* Bruce Franklin’s [Computers in Fiction](

I know that Willard McCarty has begun a history of computers and computing in more serious forms of discourse, but his survey may have already encompassed these examples. If not, then there is something to be done here.