Wifi and Energy Efficient Homes

It turns out that one of the problems a lot of people have with their homes — the inability to get your wireless network to reach some part of your house or yard — is a function of the kinds of materials we use to make our homes energy efficient: a lot of the wraps and foam sheets used in new construction have some sort of foil layer to reflect radiant heat in and/or out of the house. (I am also reminded of my friends Alan and Deb who have a lovely stone house built with two-foot thick walls that is backed into the side of a hill. (That’s a wireless problem I would love to have — oh, Indiana, how I miss you now.)

Yes, the Flip is dead; let it go

So Cisco bought a perfectly good little company with a perfectly good product and then lost it all by not figuring out how to distinguish their product from the wide variety of multi-use devices that were packing “good enough” functionality into their units. The Flip is dead, and I’m okay with that. No, I don’t think the video recording functionality, including ergonomics, of my iPhone is quite as good as the Flip, but that also goes for my point and shoot Canon camera, which has largely sat in its case of late. I think the really great thing about the Flip was how some of my colleagues were using it in their classes: it was a great “good enough” video camera that made it easy to work with video. That part I will miss — I don’t see my university buying a bunch of iPod Touches any time soon. And negotiating with multiple device interfaces and usages does slow things down in the classroom.


Ack. Restarting the home NAS was more difficult than I imagined, thanks in part to Amazon sending me mis-matched drives. While trying to trouble-shoot what turned out to be a hardware problem, I came across Netgear’s great online forum for its ReadyNAS products and a nicely-maintained FAQ.

A Desktop Rig That Worked

For the record, I wrote 9000 words in less than a week while at the EVIADA Summer Institute, and I did it all on my MacBook, augmented. Augmented how? With one of these:

![Apple keyboard](http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41AgXvZre0L._SL500_AA280_.jpg)

And one of these:

![Apple cinema display](http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21GkNqy7JnL._SL500_AA185_.jpg)

But, for the record, I’d settle for any decent 22″ or 24″ HD display.