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Two recent articles on the woes of American’s military paint a gloomy portrait not of the military establishment itself but of the affects of a nation that wants to have its cake and eat it, too. In [“The Tragedy of the American Military,”][] James Fallows argues that the military is conveniently championed but otherwise not considered, the result are forces that are constantly deployed in impossible situations from which little good can come. What does that mean for the men and women who staff the armed forces? They are increasingly strung out, quite literally: drug use, both legally prescribed and illegally self-prescribed is rising and the military’s embarrassment over the matter means that the soldiers on the frontline of the drug war often get used and case aside. Such is the case, it seems, for Jane Neubauer according to Jacob Siegel in [“Spies, Lies, and Rape in the Air Force: An Undercover Agent’s Story.”][]

[“The Tragedy of the American Military,”]:
[“Spies, Lies, and Rape in the Air Force: An Undercover Agent’s Story.”]:

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