Toggling Hidden Files in macOS Finder

To see hidden files in macOS:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Then re-launch the Finder.

To hide them again:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

Clowns in the Woods

The following links were collected by students in the American folklore course to continue our discussion about the dangers that lurk in the dark:

From JB:

From SM:

From HW:

doc to pdf (via cli)

Is there anything worse than getting a bouquet of Word documents in an email for review? I’ve got 7 as attachments to a single email, and what I’d really like is one PDF. Getting from 7 docs to 1 pdf is, however, no easy feat.

First, textutil does not convert to pdf — for some reason I thought it did, so I was bit surprised when I typed in:

textutil -convert pdf *.doc

and my system responded Nah ah!

My workaround was to convert to docx and then use pandoc, but I got one error after another … and there is nothing worse than trouble-shooting latex installation problems.

Oof … this is going nowhere.

Ready for Robots

This semester, Fall 2016, is a busy one, with two conference papers, one at the American Folklore Society and another at Social Informatics, and a book manuscript due, but being so busy also means I am looking forward to some down time, and spending that time with my daughter who has some interest in robots. So I’ve started collecting information — some tips here, some projects there — to keep us busy during the winter months.

Make magazine is always a good source, and I’ve come across a couple of pages worth holding onto for the time being: